Galleries is a mobile application that works with NFC technology and QRcode readers that plans to change the way museums are visited by providing an engaging experience, the app allows the user to bookmark their favorite artifacts and revisit them later.


I worked side-by-side with researchers and software developers to manage the design, user-testing, and development. My principal assignment was :

- Create sketches of the flow (app and website)
- Low-fidelity mockups for testing
- Iterate based on feedback from users
- Design high-fidelity mockups in Illustrator
- Create style guides for the development team


The project was conceived by UNITN HCI RESEARCHERS. 

My role

Visual Design


The user was able to manage its favorite museums, where he could also check the current and future exhibitions, schedule, and price.

The app also could also geolocate and show near events , the profile was visible so the user could manage preferences of the museums on the main list or change its location or exhibitions. 

Example of Mart museum